As if the brand Apple didn’t rule over most categories of electronics all ready, here’s just one more addition to their list of ‘must have’ electronics. Apple is joining forces with a European appliance maker, Gorenje,  to introduce the iChef, the most impressive cooking machine you’ve ever seen. This machine is incredible, literally an oven and a computer in one. This oven isn’t just a device made to cook our food, this machine is integrating a cookbook app of ever lasting recipes and ideas.

The whole aspect behind all of our electronics being touch screen is just one more way to make our lives faster and easier, isn’t that what new electronics is all about? This machine will catch the attention of electronic savvy people by the looks of it alone. The capability of what a person  can cook, even a qualified lazy and impatient person like myself, will want to cook a full on course meal just because this machine makes cooking so easy to do. The iChef gives you the recipe you’re looking for, shows you what ingredients you need, the oven responds to what temperature and time your recipe is requiring, and gives you instructions. Does this mean even I can cook? The girl who could ruin macaroni and cheese.

The only downside I could think of behind this product is the older generations whom usually aren’t able or willing to jump right into buying the newest electronics simply because they don’t know how to use them. The iChef is scheduled to launch in Europe this spring. The cost of this amazing machine was no where to be found. That alone is depressing, my guess is this machine will cost you a pretty penny. For someone like myself, whom cooking isn’t the easiest task, this appliance for the kitchen of the future will surely be worth the cost!