Waking up in the morning… something that millions of people have trouble with, myself included. I never have, and possibly never will be a fan of waking up early in the morning. When I wake up to the sound of wretched ringing and vibration from my alarm clock on my phone every morning, the very first thought in my mind is how badly I want to stay all snuggled up and warm in bed for hours to come, regardless of what I have planned for the day ahead of me.  Then I, as quickly as possible, tap the snooze button for at least another 10 minutes of good quality lounge time in my warm comfy bed. I personally wouldn’t be able to live without a snooze button, even though I am aware that 20 more minutes of sleep in the morning isn’t scientifically helpful . But I’ve never been a fan of alarm clocks, the vibrating, no matter what sound the tone makes whether its music or a ringtone always annoys me. Could simply be due to the fact that I hate waking up in general, but why hasn’t someone created a more efficient and relaxing way to be woken up to each and every morning of my life. Oh wait, there is such a thing!

I’m not quite sure why every single non-morning person out there in the world hasn’t been able to purchase one of these yet, but after researching and reading more on the benefits of being awakened by a soothing method rather than a loud tone and vibration, I will be sure to purchase one of these. The idea behind waking up to a simple vibration of a tiny piece you wear on your hand sounds a million times better waking up afraid of the noise from the alarm clock. This particular idea of a simple vibration on your finger is a wonderful alternative to an alarm clock for deaf or hard of hearing human beings out there. This ring made me think of my dad in particular, being the loudest snorer in the entire world doesn’t wake up for anything, not even two alarm clocks or a tornado could wake him up. I’ll definitely have to tell him about this alternative method.

The electronic producer Meng Fandi, created an even more appealing and stylish version of this vibrating alarm clock ring. This version having not one, but two different rings to dock, set, and charge very similar to Ipod docking stations. Honestly, this version out does the previous model by looks alone. They both perform the same action, but this model just looks cooler. This option is also a great model for couples whom awake at different times in the morning. Now all I need to do is to figure out where I can purchase one of these!

On another note, if you need another method to sooth your waking worries, here’s a podcast to give you that extra 10 minutes of sleep.