I’ve personally been interested in all aspects of dental work ever since I was a ‘braceface’ a few years ago. I remember my first visit to my orthodontic’s office, I was truly amazed by what is at reach for our generation and also for what’s to come. My aunt has also worked at a dentist’s office for a number of years, so i feel as if this subject about straight white teeth gets brought up quite a bit. I’ve caught onto the fact that there is a never ending number of options to have a perfect smile, but I’ve never looked deep into the options.

Here are the different options for braces that I could find are available in the Oklahoma area alone. One of the more popular versions of braces is the Invisalign brand. This option is marketed to be ‘clear’ and unseen. I wouldn’t be a fan of having this option because they aren’t truly clear, have to be changed pretty often, and have to be removed to eat and drink everyday. The cost of Invisalign can range anywhere from $3,500- $8,000, pretty expensive compared to other alternatives. The second option for teeth straightening is lingual braces, also known as traditional braces. There is an alternative to even traditional braces today though, putting the traditional braces on the back of your teeth so that they are completely unseen. I wish this option would have been available when I had braces to make things more simple and experience less pain and not much more costly as the regular option. There is ceramic or ‘tooth colored’ braces today as well. This option isn’t as popular as others, but still better than traditional braces letting metal take over your entire mouth. And last but not least, the option of expensive veneers is available today. This option is definitely the most expensive but in my opinion has the most perks. You go in to the dentist’s office for a day and come out with straight, white teeth that will be your’s forever.

So, regardless of what type of person you are, what income you receive, what type of pain you’re willing to experience, or what time frame you are wanting, there is an option out there for every one to have those straight pearly whites every one loves.