Education courses of all kinds are rapidly growing. Online courses are being offered in almost everything nowadays. Whether you are a sixth grader living at home with your parents, or a graduate student at a big time university, chances are there is a wide variety of options for taking courses online.As this trend begins to spread like wild fire, many question how effective online courses truly are? Are these students learning the required material, or taking the easy way out and even utilizing cheating often?

My opinion on this subject could go either way. I do not agree with schooling being offered from grades K- 12 is as useful as a classroom structure and one-on-one learning styles. Kids of a young age need to grow up in a classroom type structure because they are so young, they need to be under control and be taught by an actual instructor. In my opinion, getting a high school degree online is pointless and the lazy way out. I see the need and helpfulness of online courses being offered to college students and through some degree programs. There are some college courses that are simply more useful to be given online, rather than wasting time and gas money to make it to campus daily.

Although I do not agree online degrees should be offered to children in grades K-12, I do see the helpfulness and how approachable the idea of furthering your education by getting a masters degree while you are a person with a career and busy lifestyle all ready. Researching some on this topic has been inspiring to look at other options for my own education after receiving a bachelor’s degree. There is so much opportunity for growth today.