I did a little research on addiction to electronics, basically searching through YouTube videos. I came upon one that definitely  can relate to just about anyone in our generation titled “What is Facebook Addiction?.” This video was a more humerous take on the aspects behind what a true addiction to Facebook can mean. I think the video is more appealing to at least my age group because we tend to pay more attention to something that is out of the box and funny, rather than something that’s straight to the point and serious.

The editing behind the video is generally pretty good. The director of this video saw the need for an almost childish aspect to the video, which is why he encorporated the use of puppets rather than interviewing people for this video. Some of the angles they use are catchy and different. One of them I liked in particular was the part of the video they are zooming in on the screen, but have the puppet on the computer but his image is blurred out. I think that is a great shot because you can see two different primary things to pay attention to, but clearing the computer screen and not the puppet’s image makes the shot that much more appealing. The way they set up the background and setting of the complete image of a business type of scenary gives the video the right type of appeal.

The storyline behind this video could have been more clear in some ways in my opinion. They kind of jump from subject to subject in an unorganized matter. The use of a foreign accent is also catchy in my opinion, makes the video a bit more interesting and keeps the video simple and not serious. Overall, I think this video is a great one to get the director’s point across in a humerous way about what Facebook is and how our generation is becoming more and more obsessed with social networking.