Edmon Low Library Photography

In my Electronic Communications course, the class was assigned a soundslide project involving pictures of a certain area on Oklahoma State University campus of our choice. I decided to snap some pictures outside and everywhere in between the library at OSU, Edmon Low. Taking these pictures was definitely encouraging to take a photography class in my near future. Hope you enjoy!


No Need for Recycling… Too Good to be True?

American’s issue with over abundance of trash is no secret. According to the Haoshi Design Studio, over 106,000 aluminum cans are discarded every 30 seconds in America alone. Only thirty seconds? This statistic is unbelievable to say the least. Could you imagine being in charge of making 212,000 cans every single minute just disappear before your eyes? We’ve been drinking out of aluminum cans as early as 1935, we could obviously benefit from an upgrade. Aluminum can takes anywhere from 200-500 years to decompose naturally.

To help with this issue, Haoshi Design has invented an incredible solution to our “Average Joe” aluminum can. This version is nearly identical to the old aluminum can, but the main difference is this version is made out of PLA, which is a whopping 100 percent organic and biodegradable. The Renew X Can has the same type of style as the original aluminum can, but even better. The Renew X Can has features to with-stand temperatures as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The pop top as the mouth hole can easily open and close and prevents leaking obviously much better than the average aluminum can.

Most Americans are excited to be involved with the whole ‘go green’ motion, this just being one more addition to the many products being invented nearly every single day. If the outrageous amount of aluminum cans being thrown away every day isn’t enough motivation for you to purchase this alternative, I’m not sure what else will. If you aren’t willing to purchase the new cans, the least you can do is become responsible for your trash. Its as simple as Sesame Street. I’m interested to see if people will purchase this version or at least jump on the ‘go green train’. Recycle or upgrade people! Its as simple as that.

Breaking the ‘Snooze for an Hour’ Curse

Waking up in the morning… something that millions of people have trouble with, myself included. I never have, and possibly never will be a fan of waking up early in the morning. When I wake up to the sound of wretched ringing and vibration from my alarm clock on my phone every morning, the very first thought in my mind is how badly I want to stay all snuggled up and warm in bed for hours to come, regardless of what I have planned for the day ahead of me.  Then I, as quickly as possible, tap the snooze button for at least another 10 minutes of good quality lounge time in my warm comfy bed. I personally wouldn’t be able to live without a snooze button, even though I am aware that 20 more minutes of sleep in the morning isn’t scientifically helpful . But I’ve never been a fan of alarm clocks, the vibrating, no matter what sound the tone makes whether its music or a ringtone always annoys me. Could simply be due to the fact that I hate waking up in general, but why hasn’t someone created a more efficient and relaxing way to be woken up to each and every morning of my life. Oh wait, there is such a thing!

I’m not quite sure why every single non-morning person out there in the world hasn’t been able to purchase one of these yet, but after researching and reading more on the benefits of being awakened by a soothing method rather than a loud tone and vibration, I will be sure to purchase one of these. The idea behind waking up to a simple vibration of a tiny piece you wear on your hand sounds a million times better waking up afraid of the noise from the alarm clock. This particular idea of a simple vibration on your finger is a wonderful alternative to an alarm clock for deaf or hard of hearing human beings out there. This ring made me think of my dad in particular, being the loudest snorer in the entire world doesn’t wake up for anything, not even two alarm clocks or a tornado could wake him up. I’ll definitely have to tell him about this alternative method.

The electronic producer Meng Fandi, created an even more appealing and stylish version of this vibrating alarm clock ring. This version having not one, but two different rings to dock, set, and charge very similar to Ipod docking stations. Honestly, this version out does the previous model by looks alone. They both perform the same action, but this model just looks cooler. This option is also a great model for couples whom awake at different times in the morning. Now all I need to do is to figure out where I can purchase one of these!

On another note, if you need another method to sooth your waking worries, here’s a podcast to give you that extra 10 minutes of sleep.

Cooking the Easy Way

As if the brand Apple didn’t rule over most categories of electronics all ready, here’s just one more addition to their list of ‘must have’ electronics. Apple is joining forces with a European appliance maker, Gorenje,  to introduce the iChef, the most impressive cooking machine you’ve ever seen. This machine is incredible, literally an oven and a computer in one. This oven isn’t just a device made to cook our food, this machine is integrating a cookbook app of ever lasting recipes and ideas.

The whole aspect behind all of our electronics being touch screen is just one more way to make our lives faster and easier, isn’t that what new electronics is all about? This machine will catch the attention of electronic savvy people by the looks of it alone. The capability of what a person  can cook, even a qualified lazy and impatient person like myself, will want to cook a full on course meal just because this machine makes cooking so easy to do. The iChef gives you the recipe you’re looking for, shows you what ingredients you need, the oven responds to what temperature and time your recipe is requiring, and gives you instructions. Does this mean even I can cook? The girl who could ruin macaroni and cheese.

The only downside I could think of behind this product is the older generations whom usually aren’t able or willing to jump right into buying the newest electronics simply because they don’t know how to use them. The iChef is scheduled to launch in Europe this spring. The cost of this amazing machine was no where to be found. That alone is depressing, my guess is this machine will cost you a pretty penny. For someone like myself, whom cooking isn’t the easiest task, this appliance for the kitchen of the future will surely be worth the cost!

Playstation cell phone? Taking gaming to a new level

I came across the rumors behind there being such a thing as a cell phone/ Playstation device on random websites. When I tried to search more into the details behind the device all I could find was rumors, but if these rumors are true all gamers across the world will be happy to get their hands on one of these.

The Playstation phone is rumored to be called the Sony Ericsson XPERIA, coming in 2 different options from 8 MG to 10 MG. Details on battery life are still unknown. The shape of the phone is the coolest part about the phone in my opinion, the phone has a flat pretty decent sized touch screen similiar to the Iphone, but when you slide the phone open there are controls on the phone exactly like a Playstation remote. Here’s a rumored picture of what the phone will actually look like.

I personally know a handful of guys that will be first in line to snatch up one of these phones. My brother is the biggest ‘gamer’ I know, playing games online for literally half of his day, you could consider gaming to be an obsession for him. I can just picture him sitting around in class with one of these playing games online for hours instead of having to be stuck in front of a TV. If this phone can match up to the screen quality of the Iphone and battery life long enough to satisfy customers, I’ll be interested to see how much money this company will bank off of this invention.

If your a gamer, I’m sure your very interested in knowing when exactly the release date is for this bad boy of a phone. I kept coming across the same answer on a ton of websites, most of them saying the phone is rumored to come out Spring 2011. This site gave a lot of information on the release date.

For all you gamers out there, here’s a link to a video of the real thing. Hopefully you can be patient enough wait for this phone of excellence to be released! I’m not a gamer myself, but I’ll definitely have to take a look at one of these once they come out.